Things are looking up. ..

& Valentine's day/weekend = AMAZING. 

I really don't have too much to say.
Love is in the air. 

New video. =]

Peace & Love,



Lauriela nd Sophia said...

Hey you sing amazing
~just some fans

anastacialrodriguez said...

Nice cover. =)

Joy. said...

im lovin' your covers! :D
especially free falling that you just posted!
& is someone in love ? :D
woot woot !

keep doin' yerr thang!
lovin' it!

Loris Saprid. said...
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Curbside Puppet said...

JR! never thought you got your on blog! check on my blog. i got a post about you singing. hope we can be blog friends as well!

syazwaney said...

i luv ur singing.. omg.. i opened ur you tube n found da cover of kiss me trough the phne.. i juz luv da song n i luv ur voice

Liv said...

You have a great voice!!! I was looking on youtube to see if there was a video for one of my favorite songs " Best I ever had". well I watched yours and liked it so much better. you completely took an already good song and not only made it your own but to me, you also made it better!!!

Good luck on pursuing your singing career. A voice as unique as yours should be discovered and shared with the world!


however you want to said...


J9NINE said...

I love you man =) sweetest voice evahhh

Anonymous said...

yo man, sweet voice..hope to colabo with u..check out www.myspace.com/caynie

Muna said...
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Muna said...
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syam said...

write more.
would love to read more from you :)

Anonymous said...

You have an amazing voice! Loving it!

When are you coming to Canada?? Would love to see you perform!